Season 2 Episode 2: The World Series

Danny tries to capitalize on the Cubs' luck by heading to Wrigley for the World Series to try to get hired by a major sports network.

Season 2 Episode 1: Bears Tailgate

In the Season 2 opener, Danny heads to an NFL tailgate to impress Roger Goodell by convincing fans that concussions aren't real.

Episode 9: NASCAR's Brickyard 400

Danny heads to Indianapolis for the 2016 Brickyard 400 to build up his fanbase by interviewing the most loyal fans of them all - NASCAR dads!

Episode 8: A San Diego Raytreat with NFL Wide Receiver Greg Camarillo

The Raybound tours San Diego with legendary NFL wide receiver and Mexi-Jew dreamboat Greg Camarillo! He talks about getting "pantsed" by Brett Favre and partying in South Beach. Plus, a surprise guest!

Episode 7: Fool's Golden State

Danny mourns the loss of the Warriors the only way he knows how... by creating a rap music video. It's an exclusive world premiere of "Tech Bro Warrior". Also, an international check-in from legendary sports broadcaster Al Ray!

Episode 6: Danny Does the Kentucky Derby

Danny heads to the South to check out some muscular studs in the 7th installment of The Raybound. It's the 2016 Kentucky Derby!

Episode 5: Danny Goes to the NFL Draft

The NFL placed a lifetime ban on Danny for the draft, so he decided to head over to draft town in Chicago to cover the fans reaction to the 2016 NFL draft.

Episode 4: State of The Raybound Rayvolution

Danny thought he'd post a quick check-in to address the state of The Raybound after a month's worth of work. Plus, details on his romantic life!

Episode 3: Danny Goes to Cubs Opening Day

Danny goes to Cubs Opening Day 2016. And it was a drunken mess. In this episode, Danny gets: hit on by cougars, sex advice from a cool bouncer, free shots from strangers, and assaulted by a future reality show contestant.

Episode 2: The 49ers

This week's Raybound covers the state of Niner Nation. Danny praises his good/rich friend Jed York, calls out Jim Harbaugh, and defends Chip Kelly on accusations of racism. Plus, a check-in with legendary sports anchor Al Ray!

Episode 1b: Danny Goes to the Auto Show

Danny Ray takes his show on the road to the Chicago Auto Show.

Episode 1a: A Sports Dannyfesto

The pilot episode of "The Raybound with Danny Ray" - Part 1: A Sports Dannyfesto. After being fired and publicly shamed for drunkenly hitting on legendary NFL QB Joe Namath, former sports reporter Danny Ray tries to rejuvenate his career by hosting a weekly sports commentary show on YouTube.